Is your child in need of a Physical Exam?

While traditionally held for student athletes, a sports physical is a health checkup that should be experienced by everyone. Sports physicals may seem like a time burden but they can be a great investment in the long term health of your child. Osland Chiropractic is proud to offer sport physicals for school athletes.

From minor issues such as cramping and muscle spasms to more complex issues such as back or neck pain, comprehensive sports physicals performed by a chiropractor will help your young athlete feel and perform better.

What Does a Physical Examination Include?

We first gain an understanding of your child’s medical history including any past injuries. We then look into any injury whether major or minor that they are currently experiencing. Finally, we determine the current level of physical activity, nutritional habits, and lifestyle that your child experiences on a day to day basis.

At this point we go through our initial assessment by testing their mobility, range of motion, and general strength. After this assessment your is taken through our traditional treatment plan including a chiropractic adjustment, soft tissue work, and muscle stimulation.

After the exam we provide recommendations as to how you can keep your student athlete healthy throughout the school year. These recommendations will be based on their current physical health and the type of sports activity they will engage in.

Why choose Osland Chiropractic for a school or sport physical?

Having a chiropractic office handle the dot physical exam for your child has several benefits.

  1. You can be seen significantly faster than you would when visiting your family medicine or primary care physician.
  2. The cost is more affordable than going to an urgent care facility when in need of a quick answer.
  3. Our office does more than exam your child, we treat them

Chiropractor physicals are about being proactive rather than reactive. Because our process for completing physicals takes additional time to both assess and address any issues, your young athlete leaves better than they arrived. As with all of our chiropractic treatment plans, your family’s health is our top concern.

About Osland Chiropractic

Dr. Osland has been treating patients for school physicals since 1997. In addition to assisting students with a school physical, he has also worked directly with high school sport teams to ensure their athletes remain healthy and at the top of their game.

When your family visits our office, your child will receive the utmost care. We will clearly explain anything we identify that needs help and provide a treatment plan to ensure they stay healthy for their school sports programs.

Thank you for trusting Osland Chiropractic for your or your child’s physical exam and chiropractic care.

Schedule Your Physical Visit

Contact our office today to speak with our friendly staff who will set up your child’s sports physical examination and chiropractic treatment. Based on the information we gather during the call, we may ask for access to your students medical records from their healthcare provider.