Extremity Adjustments

Chiropractic Extremity Adjustments

At Osland Chiropractic, we classify extremity injuries as injuries occurring to body parts other than the spine.

The designation of sports injuries has an assumption that the injured party has some sort of performance pending and we gear the treatment to getting the person back to performing in a timely fashion. Personally, I think this is where some medical professionals drop the ball.

If the athlete is not evaluated within the first 24 hours after an injury, with treatment started at the same time occurring multiple times a day and clear progress outcomes for a return to play. That medical professional is not treating sports injuries, they are treating extremity injuries.

Extremity injuries include injuries to a hip, leg, knee, calf, ankle, foot, shoulder, arm, elbow and wrist/hand. These types of injuries can occur in a traumatic fashion and/or. Treatment of extremity injuries requires an understanding of how this joint interfaces with adjacent joints and whole-body function. Many times, where we are experiencing pain may not be the source of the dysfunction. Each joint has its own specific set of patterns of dysfunction and how it gets injured. This is where knowledge and experience come into play.

At Osland Chiropractic, we employ proven techniques that include hot packs, cold packs, myofascial muscle energy techniques, adjusting, stretching and strengthening exercises, massage therapy and electrical muscle stimulation. With over 25 years of experience in taping, we have worked with and treated almost every type of extremity injury. Additionally, we use braces and have crutches to lend out if needed.

What is Extremity Adjusting?

Chiropractic extremity adjustments are a method that helps to realign the extremity joint so that a proper rehabilitation process takes place. While we typically think chiropractic care is focused on the spinal joints, there are specific extremity adjusting methods that a qualified chiropractor can use to help reduce extremity pain and inflammation. You can expect to feel better-faster when using the correct chiropractic adjustment for the target joint as a part of your treatment program.

What conditions might extremity adjusting help?

Chiropractic adjustments on the extremity issues can help patients with the following injuries:

Many symptoms from an injury can experience relief with the proper diagnosis, plan, and extremity adjustment technique.

Why would I want to have an extremity adjusted?

  1. You are experiencing an extremity issue and would like to take a holistic approach to healing the tendons, ligaments, joints, and surrounding muscles.

  2. You have a nagging injury that isn’t healing as fast as you would like and you want to take an approach that incorporates multiple injury repair techniques.

  3. You are experiencing weakness because of a past injury that has created a restriction in motion and want to return to your normal strength with full mobility.

Does chiropractic extremity adjusting require special training?

The Board of Chiropractic Examiners does not require a specialized certification for extremity adjusting chiropractic care. While there are courses and workshops on extremity adjustments, this type of pain relief is taught in chiropractic school with comprehensive hands on courses. With that said, Dr. Osland went through the official Chiropractic Sports Physician Course in 1998 and has continued to use what he learned in his practice ever since.

Are you Experiencing Extremity Pain?

Extremity injuries are very common and if not treated appropriately, will lead to compensation by other joints in the body, which leads to secondary injuries. This pattern can continue until the entire musculoskeletal is dysfunctional. Call our office and schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Osland and have your extremity injury looked at for potential chiropractic treatment.

What Clients Have to Say About Our Services

I have been coming to Dr. Osland for a couple of years now and he has been doing a great job getting me back in shape so I can continue working and having fun outside of work too. Thank you. – Dave: Ventura, California